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CarMubaya Quality Services

We provide Mubaya Car sales agreement for All Dubai Registered Cars For all cars transferred from any country or city to Dubai Any car which is deregisterd in Dubai Any Dubai Car with Export number plates We also make resell car agreements. We also have special car sales agreement package for car dealers and showrooms.


Sell Your Car

Sell Your Car?

Not everyone is authorised by RTA to make sales agreement, but we are legally allowed to make such agreements between two parties and we are authorized by RTA Dubai.

  • No Need To Cancel The registration
  • No Need To Return the Registration Plates
  • Valid In all RTA Offices around Dubai
  • Can Easily Transfer from one Mubaya Owner to another
  • Can be extended again after 14 days validity period
  • No need to wait in Queue For Car Transfer

How We Work

How We Work?

We simply write a Mubaya ( Car Sales Agreement ) and handover a copy to buyer and seller both, Buyer can proceed for transfer alone within 14 days of the agreement issuance date and seller has no more liability.

  • Seller doesn’t need to go to RTA to sell his/her car
  • Sales Contract Can Be Made for cars with Bank Loan
  • Valid for Cars on Export Dubai Plates
  • Valid for cars with Hayaza ( Cancelation Paper from RTA )
  • Buyer’s right secured if car has a loan

What Our Client Say

It was such a wonderful experience to deal with Car, very efficient services

Alizaib Shah

Dealing with Car was dreams come true, no waiting and smooth car transfer at my door

Varun Desai

Extreamly impressive service and will surely recommend my friend, it was so easy to transfer car

Abd al-Uzza

Very polite and puntual staff and guide me very well. I give 10/10 for the service it's worth trying for your next car sale

Enzo Giovanotelli

I found Car very professional in handling the sales deed of my used car I sold, It saved lots of time and hassle

Faheem Bin Yasir

Car was a great experience extreamly knowledgeable team made my car buy experience wonderful

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