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What Is Mubaya

Word Mubaya is an Arabic word stand for Sales Deed or sales agreement between two parties, Our Mubaya service is available for all Dubai Registered cars and we offer door to door service.We are authorized by RTA to write such agreements between two parties after car owner’s and sellers verification of documents.Once the Agreement is been made seller does not need to go to RTA to sign any paper and new owner with agreement is considered the lawful owner of the sold car.The entire process takes hardly 5 minutes and saves hours in return.

Not everyone is authorised by RTA to make sales agreement, but we are legally allowed to make such agreements between two parties and we are authorized by RTA Dubai.

You heard it right yes in most of the cases RTA has banned hand written Mubayas however we are Authorized and accepted.

We need any photo ID, Licence or passport of the buyer and seller along with original car registration card.

Yes as long as you have Driving Licence or your Passport to proof your identity you can make Mubaya.

We can still make your car sales agreement using your Driving Licence and your car is sold.

Yes you can still make Mubaya to have a legal proof that you have paid him cash to settle loan, he has to go once to the bank and settle the loan, the clearance message sometimes takes few days however even if he leaves after loan has 100% cleared, you can transfer the car using Mubaya you made and car owner is not required to be present in RTA.

Mubaya officially is only valid for 14 days however if or a valid reason you didn’t go to RTA to officially handover the documents to print your registration card, you may contact us for renewal of sales agreement.

Owner must agree having no objection to renew the agreement however his presence is not required for renewal of agreement.

As per the agreement buyer agrees to be responsible for any such offence from the date and time of the agreement and keep in mind buyer can not get new registration for the sold car unless he pays all the fines on the bought car which makes you safe.

No, as per the sales agreement which is been signed by used car buyer and seller the moment agreement is signed the deal can not be cancelled.

We can not guarantee and held responsible for any delays in our staff reaching to your place, we do our best to reach at committed time however sometimes high traffic or accident may cause delays, and you are advised to always keep some time margins.

Yes as long as the car docs are for Dubai we can assist you with our Mubaya Service.

Our rates mentioned on website might sometimes fluctuate according to rules depending on the city you need service for, off duty hours or during holidays. Keep in mind our staff is trust worthy and are highly reliable whatever charges are asked by staff, for customer’s satisfaction we allow our customers to use their right and ask for paid amount to be mentioned in the agreements to make it an official payment.

Answer is Yes and No too, If you buy a car on electronic Mubaya you have to return the plates and do the RTA test again even if you have done the test before but Manual Mubaya which we make, you don’t have to return the plates at RTA counter nor you need to re do test and pay again.

Ask our staff to mention this condition of yours and once RTA staff sees that comment he will save your number plates and issue new plates to new buyer, saving number plates might cost an extra fee of 30 to 100 AED depending on how long you want to save the plates for. ( We do not guarantee your plates being saved by RTA ).

Yes Mubaya Service is introduced for similar cases i.e. when your car can not pass and you need to keep it in garage for few days, when seller is in rush to travel and can’t wait car to get repaired and go for retest.

Car Sales Agreement ( Mubaya) is the solution to your problem, make the agreement and let the seller go you have two weeks to go to Abu Dhabi pay the fine and then use Mubaya to represent real owner of the car for registering it on your name.

Yes you may make the Mubaya Car Sales Agreement on her name even if she has no driving licence, once she sells the car she may go to RTA with new buyer and represent you using Mubaya or even on the basis of your Sales Contract she can make a new Mubaya on any other person’s name.

Once you get a new buyer ready to take your car you can directly go to RTA and you are treated as car owner there with our Mubaya, another option is you can bring the original Mubaya to us and get issued a Mubaya on new buyer’s name.

Depending on the traffic and area it may vary between 30 minutes to 1 hour as we have professional Bike Riders reaching your location but we are not to be blamed if delays happen due to some unforseen reasons.

Our rates are not fixed and fluctuate periodically but rate displayed on website are to be followed by our staff.

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