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Welcome to the Car Mubaya

Car Mubaya is proud to be first such website who offers Car Sales Agreements for any Dubai registered car. In this busy life people always want to save time and hassles, imagine you want to buy a car which is registered in Dubai entire deal is been finalized and at last moment after catching up queues and waiting for hours you were informed to bring one important document without which you can’t transfer the car on your name . This is where we play our role, we simply write a Mubaya ( Car Sales Agreement ) and handover a copy to buyer and seller both, Buyer can proceed for transfer alone within 14 days of the agreement issuance date and seller has no more liability.


What is Mubaya

Mubaya is a sales agreement between two parties who has agreed to buy and sell car after payment is been made to the owner of the car.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make car buying and selling experience smooth and fast.We understand how fast is life these days that's why we offer 24/7 service to car buyers and sellers.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the recognized performance leader in car buying and selling industry.Being a performance leader means we will achieve operational excellence, customer satisfaction and superior financial performance.

Why Choose Us

We are authorized by RTA to write such agreements between two parties after car owner’s and sellers verification of documents.Once the Agreement is been made seller does not need to go to RTA to sign any paper and new owner with agreement is considered the lawful owner of the sold car.The entire process takes hardly 5 minutes and saves hours in return

Documents for car sales agreement?

We need any photo ID, Licence or passport of the buyer and seller along with original car registration card.

How long is Mubaya Valid for ?

Mubaya officially is only valid for 14 days however if or a valid reason you didn’t go to RTA to officially handover the documents to print your registration card, you may contact us for renewal of sales agreement

how can I sell my car?

We can still make your car sales agreement using your Driving Licence and your car is sold.


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